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 How to Master the Tracks?

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PostSubject: How to Master the Tracks? Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:23 am

When the commercial songs come out, it goes through a series of steps that include creation and polish of the songs. The formal polishing of the song is done through the process of mastering. Mastering renders polish to the songs by putting them through a series of equipments. Mastered songs are way ahead in terms of quality and perfection. When the mastered songs are played on radio, the difference becomes apparent. The sound is sweeter and loud. By adding eq and compression wherever needed, the sound track is made professional and ready for the commercial market. Mastering is necessary, if the sound track is to sound professional. Professional mastering is necessary, if the track is to sound great. The process is worth the money spent and tunes the music to match the sonic characteristics of the sound that is desired. The mastering engineer has years of experience in finding the right note for the song.

The mastering process involves three main steps, which is the editing, equalization and compression or limiting. Eq and compression makes the whole soundtrack great. It is made loud and clear, by reducing the background noises and tape hiss. Any music professional would understand the importance of mastering the tracks to make it sound professional. music mixing masteringis necessary if you want the tracks to sound wholesome. Editing and equalization makes the track sound good but it is made loud with compression. When compression or limiting is done, the frequencies of the sound are boosted, leading to loudness of tracks.
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How to Master the Tracks?

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