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 More about Hemorrhoids

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PostSubject: More about Hemorrhoids More about Hemorrhoids EmptyWed Oct 26, 2011 4:07 pm

Hemorrhoids/piles is one of the common diseases seen in people. Yet it is considered one embarrassing disease and people are reluctant to talk about it.Many doctors believe that it is the excess pressure that is exerted in the anus and the lower rectum that leads to the disease. Chronic diarrhea, excess pressure that you exert on the bowels while trying to empty it, etc may lead to formation of piles along the anal canal.

Constipation may affect your health badly by providing congenial conditions for the formation of piles. Two types of hemorrhoids – internal and external –generally affect people and there are many treatments which effectively reduce the piles. Extreme conditions may require surgery. Piles can be also cured through alternative methods and piles ayurvedic treatment has proved to be one of the best curing methods.

There are some general methods that every doctor prescribes to the patients. Sitting in lukewarm water for some time is one of them. They will advise you to avoid sitting on the toilet for a long time and straining the bowels while emptying it. The doctors will also suggest you to include fibre-rich food in your diet. Including fruits and vegetables in the diet apart from drinking a lot of water too will be beneficial for the patient.
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More about Hemorrhoids

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